Chinese New Year and New Year or Two

High-horsepower trains travel through Central China to the ancient port city of Xiamen, adding more value to the place—along with “Hutong,” a traditional expression of love and respect for a neighboring person, especially for someone close to or caring for one’s elderly or an ailing loved one.


A person makes a line by walking through a corridor. This way, a Hutong object (such as a person) can be seen with a distance of five to six feet. A Hutong village is a family “home” made of timber and piled high with Chinese antiques or materials.

Upon entering the Hutong, the “circle” in the center allows for all the others around to pass. The last home in the Hutong is for people who may have passed away, or who will likely pass away soon.


Hutchings are traditional street houses with pitched roofs. Common entrances lead into a courtyard area known as the “cave” and the “neighborhouse.”

The name “nong” comes from nong qing (kum-yang), “the closest man” or close kin. Tang (tradition) refers to Dongmings from ancient China. References to the men-sized humans or people-sized animals came later. Also refer to those who use yang as a referring term: the person who knows his enemies and tracks them with knowledge.

Top 5 Top Attractions in Shanghai China

Here is an Insider’s Guide to Shanghai China’s biggest city is a huge region of land shared by China and Japan. Shanghai is huge in all senses of the word. The population of Shanghai totals 22.6 million. This is the second largest urban area in China. I would say that the majority of the residents are of Chinese descent. The origins of Shanghai date back to 528 BC. In this section I will discuss the top five top attractions in Shanghai. Shanghai has its share of extremely warm weather, up to 70 degrees Celsius (158 Farenheit) on average. Shanghai’s humidity peaks at 80% due to both humidity and the presence of snow. If a person does not appreciate the humidity, they probably do not appreciate the climate. Shanghai has a population of over 120,000 square kilometers (49,000 square miles). This region is made up of 23,000 sq. km (9,500 sq. miles) and consists of the cities of Shanghai, Pudong, Fuxin, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan. Shanghai has approximately 106,000 miles of roads. In Shanghai, residents can dine anywhere. Aside from being a nightlife destination, Shanghai boasts tons of fine restaurants, wedding chapels, and affordable restaurants in every neighborhood. Shanghai is home to nearly every kind of international cuisine you can imagine. While it is also home to a lot of inexpensive Chinese cuisine, Shanghai is better known for its Western cuisine.

1. Gangnam Style

Where in the world can you find someone singing about how he will make you ride to heaven on a phallic icon? Gangnam Style was first produced by South Korean Psy. You may recognize Psy from Scary Movie 5, Happy Gilmore, Hotel Transylvania 2, and countless other films. Enjoy Gangnam Style in the theater or immerse yourself in this spectacular YouTube sensation.

Why It’s Important: Gangnam Style and Psy are South Korean artists who succeeded to become famous internationally. Gangnam Style is very popular among people all over the world, including those living in Shanghai. More importantly, the song expresses the celebration of happiness and good fortune, positivity, and triumph. You will surely enjoy this upbeat song that takes you away to the exciting world of Gangnam.

Go GANGNAM Style in this Budweiser advertisement. Youtube / Gangnam Style

2. The Dragon

The dragon statues are deeply ingrained in Chinese mythology and it is difficult to find the exact location of a dragon’s head or the actual shadows where they are carved. The largest dragon statue is situated in the morning at the Hengqin area. Hengqin New Town will be interesting to explore as it is home to a large nature reserve for many species. Along with wonderful architecture, Hengqin Town is an amazing experience to discover with your own hands.

Why It’s Important: After performing the 57 Long Gate, the Dragon Pillar, and Dragon Step at the main Bailiang gate in the Hengqin town, one can take part in a large-scale sand sculpting session. It is the largest sand sculpting event in China.

Discover China in 9 Days


Experience the Brilliance of China in 9 Days

Explore Dushanbe and Borobudur in the South and China’s mountainous Province of Qinghai in the West

Experience ancient festivals, ancient customs, beautiful and rich architecture, and ethnicities in 1st Southeast Asian Tour

Chinese people in the United States and Canada can experience the wonders of China for 9 days and 4 nights. Including an overnight stay in Beijing, a ticket to Beijing Circus, an overnight stay in Hunan, a two-night stay in Shaanxi, one-night stay in Chiang Mai, 1 night in Hangzhou, 1-night in Chengdu, and a 1-night stay in Haikou. And if you want to touch the Daocheng Mountains, welcome spring in the Bay of Guangdong, see some solar eclipse, or inspect the magnificent gardens of the Kremlin there is nowhere to go but China.

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10 Reasons To Visit Shenzhen, China

To witness this transformation firsthand, you need to see it to believe it. Take your time to discover the true beauty of Shenzhen, the port city of mainland China that continues to rise. Spread across 400 square miles with population around 14 million, Shenzhen has become a lively and lively suburb of Hong Kong, the mainland’s Special Administrative Region (SAR)

Shenzhen provides a mix of people, such as athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, music lovers, thrill seekers, rock stars, movie addicts, fashionistas, art aficionados, and many more. Get to know Shenzhen, its people, the lifestyle, attractions, and attractions.

Shenzhen’s tremendous variety of attractions makes it a multifaceted local tourism hotspot, connecting visitors with locals and Shenzhen’s history and culture.

Visitors can explore Shenzhen’s many attractions at the Hong Kong International Premium Terminal. These offerings include the Central Indoor Water Park, Whistle Park, waterfront scenery, water park, outdoor dancing and music festivals, and areas for street fairs, electronic dance music events, singing and dancing contests, workshops, and other activities.

Transportation is accessible between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Macau. In addition, Shenzhen serves as a high-speed rail hub connecting the SAR to nearby cities.

Visit is the Queen of China, leading and anchoring modern day China with modern lifestyles. Visit the Cultural Village, its major touristic attraction, which includes art galleries, bookstores, folk halls, factories, cafes, commercial and government buildings, historical relics, and museums.

Tours and sightseeing are inexpensive and are so easy to arrange in Shenzhen. To optimize one’s visit to Shenzhen, book travel advance between airports, train stations, bus terminals, and public transportation, and add days to enhance quality and see the city.

Venture out to the cultural neighborhoods and select the cultural tour or visitor programs to experience a 360-degree view of Shenzhen and mainland China. You can also visit or plan a stay for some of the various hotels in Shenzhen that offer accommodation in which you may be staying in rooms that overlook Shenzhen’s landmarks, tea rooms, restaurants, bars, and laundry facilities. The experience can become relaxing and quaint.

You can select one or more of the following options to celebrate your visit to Shenzhen:

Classic Hong Kong Village — Recognized by many as the prettiest neighborhood in China, it boasts its unique and traditional styles of life and the essence of the New World civilization, with a combination of neo-classical, socialist, arts, and crafts, East Europe, and East Asian architecture as Shenzhen’s own culture. Legend is that a man arrived in Hong Kong in 1881, and left China a few years later, with a second group to arrive there in 1883.

Hearing of his return, villagers came together and decided to build a wooden bridge across the Dongye River. The structure served as Shenzhen’s largest modern-day heritage site — a masterpiece of Chinese craftsmanship.

This quaint, quaint area served as the stage for films, plays, plays, cultural events, opera, and street events, and is visited by locals and tourists every year.

Chinese Culture Complex — These elaborate buildings are common throughout the world; but, in Shenzhen, they have been meticulously arranged in a Chinese-style traditional Hong Kong village.

This group of buildings are designed according to the traditional Chinese style, containing tiny storefronts, rooms, and chapels that maximize on the Chinese-style designs, with traditional figures that represent serenity, appreciation, discipline, good morals, strong family ties, the resolve to work hard for success, harmony with nature, fun, and adoration of the heavens.

China Hotel — Situated on the waterfront, China Hotel is just one of many hotels that offers a luxurious and luxurious experience to modern day travelers. It has a bar-restaurant, outdoor seating and entertainment area, full view of Shenzhen’s attractions, for great atmosphere and at affordable prices.

The Hong Kong External Air Port — As the international gateway between Hong Kong and mainland China, this part of the airport serves as a gateway to the mainland, and provides the latest technology, modern infrastructure, and first-class services for passengers and cargo to the region.

Wu Tao Pier — An older pier that opened in 1974, this pier provides a grand view of Hong Kong’s harbor, with the iconic Hong Kong Harbour Bridge in the background.

Shenzhen Development Park — This development park includes one-of-a-kind parks for cultural and recreational activities, and rides for children of all ages. It is located in the heart of the city and filled with recreational and leisure facilities for the public to enjoy.

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Historic China: New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Countdown

China is on the rise, and will hold a world record for the number of visitors in 2018, according to Global Experts.

Tourists coming to China might not realize that the travel visas are exactly the same, which allows travelers to book a dedicated airline ticket and pay just for travel, and not even a visa, according to popular Chinese travel portal. travelers can stay overnight without a visa at the most convenient guesthouse and board without any delay, according to an online source.

First, let’s name three popular tourist hotspots in China: In Shanghai, their ideal destination is Pudong. In Beijing, the ideal destination is the Forbidden City, while in the Southern region of Guangdong, the ideal destination is Luntai, a picturesque lake. This list is not only based on the pride of them, but also of the tourists staying there. Currently, the volume of a tourism visa is over 1 million, which is the world record in 2018, according to Global Experts.

For New Year’s Eve, there are a few hotels with New Year’s Eve packages, including the Regency Shanghai Hotel, the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel, Sunbird Hotel, Hainan Princess, Chairman’s Ceiling Hotel, Leo Hotel, Dragon Hotel and the Red Empress Hotel.

For the coming Christmas and New Year, also visit the following listed as the best tourism destinations, according to GCL China:

– Durban, South Africa: The city only has about 30,000 hotel rooms and there are approximately 100,000 hotel rooms expected by the end of 2019.

– Moscow: There are approximately 3,500 hotels in the city, which will further increase, and 4,000 hotels will be built in 2019.

– Mumbai: Indian visitors love traveling to Mumbai for their international holidays, and enjoy all three seasons of the year.

– Los Angeles: The city is loved by many from China. People love coming here for an exciting holiday.

– Toronto: The Canadian city is a popular international tourist destination.

Finally, in the picture of New Year countdown, a table with seven Coca-Cola lollipops is representing that seven generations together will celebrate New Year together.

While the infographic is 1,127 characters, they still distributed it in 500-character-font.

8 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting China

7 Things You Should Always Do When Visiting China

People are always saying: “Traveling in China is no different from traveling anywhere else.” In reality, going to China is not like going anywhere else. China is a huge country with breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities, and many varieties of landscapes and people to see and experience. However, you should not visit China on autopilot, especially if you plan to visit China for a short time. It’s important to know certain key things before you travel to China. Below are eight things that you should not do when visiting China.

Don’t Only Care About the Visible Things

Visiting China is really an exploration. It is about understanding the people and culture, which includes learning the history of the country and its geography. You need to know the stuff that doesn’t have that many pictures of it, like the places from pre-Civil War to present-day history.

Do not Feel Bad About Being Poor

Instead of letting yourself get upset if you are poor in China, be happy with that because you are a part of the rich culture of the country. People there are very happy to see you, and they think you are very pretty. You don’t have to do anything special, just be yourself.

Don’t Fly to Top Airlines in China

If you want to afford a top-quality flight in China, you should go to number eight (Air China). Air China is a national airline with serious clout. The airline provides daily flights between China and destinations all over the world. And it has some of the best and most beautiful flights ever on its airplanes. Air China seats you with very comfortable seats, and the flight attendants are very friendly and seem to care about you. It is the safest airline in China. So do not worry about the cost.

Do Not Become One of the Crack Cocaine People

Cocaine in China is not the widespread corruption we hear about in the western media. Cocaine is readily available in China, but it’s not as rampant as it is in other countries. You should be informed of this before you visit. You will probably see it in plain sight everywhere, but no one will talk about it. If you keep this in mind, you will be surprised by what you see in China.

Don’t Talk to People as “Dear” or “Mr.” When You Speak English

Unless they understand Chinese, it is just rude to address people as “Mr. or “Dear.” Instead, try to use “you.” This is almost always appreciated by other people. So don’t do this and watch your manners in China.

Don’t Make Any Calls from Street After Hours

It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big deal. It can get you in trouble. You must know it is illegal to make any calls from the street after hours. It’s another one of those subtle things that get you in trouble. However, one does not need to stress about this. Anytime you go out in China, there is a chance that you may go to a “public toilet” or “poop” in China. So don’t worry about it. You are very welcome there.

Don’t Ask to Touch the People of Beijing

You do not need to ask to touch the people of Beijing. Most people will ignore you and won’t be ready to have your hands touched by any type of person. Instead, seek to understand their lives and to experience their culture.

Don’t Bring a Camera Everywhere You Go

You do not need to have a camera everywhere you go in China. Unless you are helping a child, you do not need to have a camera. You will need to ask for permission for every camera you bring with you when you are traveling in China.

Don’t Be Concerned about Getting from Point A to Point B

You will probably end up traveling all over China, so do not worry so much about getting to places. You just need to make sure you do not get lost, and you just need to know your way around. If you get lost, you can have any information you need in the country to help you out and make you feel as if you are not lost anywhere.

You Can Eat Anywhere You Want

There are restaurants everywhere in China. The food itself is not that Chinese. Some of the flavors might be local, but the food itself is not that Chinese. So you can eat at any place you want to, just because you feel like. So don’t stress about being stuck somewhere. You have your food, no one needs to know or care about it.

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Chinese New Year and February 4

China Year of the Pig is now upon us! Chinese New Year is on February 4. From fireworks to weather, here is everything you need to know about Chinese New Year Festival, the most important Chinese New Year in the U.S. The festival is celebrated for 6 days around the world.

Embrace Chinese New Year

The most important event in the Chinese year is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is a month-long celebration in the year of the Pig. It happens every year in February. In recent years, it was expanded to include International Events as well.

Forty-four percent of Americans believe that the traditions of Chinese New Year can influence their attitudes and behavior. For people living in Asia, this custom actually happens each year after Chinese New Year. Therefore, it is not a good idea to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year without obtaining permission.

The biggest New Year event is the celebration of the Spring Festival. It is celebrated around the world from February to March. Around the year of the Pig, there is a lot going on. This time, people have to learn to embrace Chinese New Year.

New Year Celebrations, Winter, and Some Chinese Food

The most important thing to enjoy during Chinese New Year is the New Year festivities. Preparations can begin immediately after Chinese New Year is over. The fun starts the next day on February 3, 2019, when people want to welcome the New Year. Spring Festival is marked by the Lantern Festival where every office shut down for a day and children start having snowballs for the celebration.

On February 4, 2019, people enter the Year of the Pig. People visit their friends and their homes to check on their well-being. During the New Year and during all the festivities, people consume Chinese New Year food to commemorate the New Year. There are several New Year foods that are considered like traditional foods.

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The Ceremony of Chinese New Year

The National Day ceremonies, the National Holiday, and the Lunar New Year Celebration are all held the day after Chinese New Year is over. People go to their offices and celebrate in a spectacular way. On Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year decorations are worn and carried in as a symbol of hope for the new year.

Throughout the day, people consume Chinese New Year food. The combination of the signs of the Chinese New Year sun and moon symbolizes new beginnings. Chinese New Year is one of the best times to celebrate Chinese culture.

Why it is Important

Modernized food culture has allowed us to observe Chinese New Year better than before. Many of our customs have not changed much. People have both traditions and modernity in common. We enjoy food and the fun of the celebration, or we have some food to reflect the history of the New Year.

Several New Year celebrations occur on television screens as well. The San Francisco International Chinese Film Festival usually happens on the first weekend of February. This year, it is scheduled for February 2, 2019. It is also held in other major cities in the U.S. The event provides to high-budget movies for that week, and cinemas stay open all the night for the audience.

Find a Countdown Experience To Help You Build Your New Year’s Resolutions

The Chinese New Year in the U.S. can lead to many ways to make new resolutions. On New Year’s Eve, you can join others to start the new year with the traditional Chinese New Year traditions and wishes.

A Countdown Experience is an online event for helping people to build their New Year’s Resolutions. People can use this event to watch the actual rocket launch countdown to join in and celebrate the new year. The event also assists people in setting other New Year’s resolutions. People can make a resolution to be present with their loved ones during Chinese New Year.

One can wish for people of other countries to enjoy Chinese New Year festivities. Because of this event, those of other countries will know about Chinese New Year celebrations in the U.S. Many people do not celebrate Chinese New Year events when there is no Countdown Experience available. This event has helped a lot of people to set and lose New Year’s resolutions successfully.

The countdown experience provides more than just fun and games to those who want to look for New Year’s resolutions. People can learn about Chinese New Year traditions, not only from textbooks but also live.

Traveling to China: Tips & Practical Care Tips

Yi, a savvy traveler, can’t get enough of the beautiful countryside of China. Yes, traveling to China is an experience. Making a reservation to fly into China takes a bit of prep work, considering that sometimes, at foreign airports, there’s an extra $200 or more to pay if you want to check a suitcase and get some food, but the important thing to keep in mind is that China is a beautiful country and that all the familiar face waves will be a part of the trip.

First Trip to China – Tips

Know your destination; don’t be shy. From home, going to China is an experience that you will talk about for years, but the more you know about the country before the trip, the easier it will be on your senses, and so the experience will be even better. Before you plan your trip, make sure you know everything you need to know, and even go through a few local books such as books from the Foreign Ministry for travel information on the safety of the country. This might mean reading Chinese out loud before you go; Chinese can be a bit strange, but remember that you are the expert. You will probably spend more time in China than your average tourist. Plan your trip thoroughly. From choosing the hotel, dining out, and which city tour you will take, research these aspects thoroughly beforehand. If you can afford it, stay in hotels that cater to your culture before going to China. Websites that cater to travelers go a long way. Always read them before you go as you will be looking at a lot of interesting details and you won’t know how to contextualize what you see online. Think beyond the tour buses to explore yourself and plan your stay out specifically for you. If you’re deciding on the food to eat, especially if you have an adventurous palate, plan to eat at some of the street restaurants and also to the hotels because you may end up eating Chinese food more than you planned. Eat together before you leave. Yup, it’s all about the local cuisine. Oh, and I always like to eat with a friend. Always know a translator before you go. You’ll be immersed in Mandarin and you’ll need to learn many words to get around during your stay, and I recommend using a translator as well. Make an effort to learn as much as you can about the country and the culture prior to your trip because you will need this information once you arrive.

Once in China, be safe. I recommend to always travel in a car, drive in groups, and avoid large crowds, and if you can, walk. You can also use some pre-paid apps such as Didi, which you can download to take a picture of your ID to secure your access to an airport and any major routes.

You will only be in China for three months of your life, so I highly recommend spending time in China because it is beautiful and fun. Enjoy every second of it!

China’s big innovation story: Shenzhen

“We have many strengths but one major thing we need is opportunity to flourish in the market,” says Mingjiang Chen, senior manager at Angel Travel, a local tour operator for the tourism industry in Shenzhen. He added, “In the United States, Silicon Valley is a good example to be looked at to display the strength of China. Because of its smart technology and lots of innovation, everything has found a huge market and be able to compete with the US, without having the current US immigration system.”

He added, “In Shenzhen, many of the companies have great ideas and good products but they are not able to fully develop them, so the government needs to support their business.”

While Shenzhen has always been an important link for North East Asians to reach Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has now announced plans to begin transpacific direct flights from Vancouver, with flights every Friday beginning in March.

With Canada’s large expatriate population living and working in China, Canadian politicians are considering how to address the increasing visa needs of Chinese visitors to the south coast.

At China’s first-ever overseas trade fair which took place last week in Hong Kong, delegates from industries like construction, hotels, lighting, cosmetics, apparels, and car manufacturing toured Shenzhen.

They shared in Cantonese and Mandarin conversations with local tour operators, factories, and businesses. Tourism has become the core part of city life as it is one of the only industry regions which can truly count on steady growth.

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Beijing Visits the Land of Birds’ Nest

BEIJING, China, Dec. 25, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The city of Beijing, known to be the capital of China, is very much known to be home to the Beijing Tourism Organization (BTO). The BTO, with its vision to “promote all things Beijing,” offers people who plan to visit the Chinese capital a unique opportunity to experience the heart of this city with thousands of historical places, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

The BTO takes pride in providing the best tour packages and hotel accommodations available to travelers through its dedicated website, which showcases citywide attractions and experiences like the Chaoyang Park Rainforest, Xinghaief Garden and Xingtsing Tang Vegetarian Restaurant.

Beyond the BTO website, prospective travelers can also gain valuable information from the Beijing guidebook series and the Beijing cellphone guide series. Available in 14 languages, the Beijing guidebook series provides guides in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

While the majority of BTO tours are based in Beijing, the travelers can experience the city from beyond. Here are some of the top 7 must see locations in Beijing:

1. The Wolong Mountains

Wolong Mountains are well known to be surrounded by impressive traditional Chinese temples and go well beyond national borders. A visit to one of the Hongwang Pass or Guobao Temple will allow visitors to step into this side of the country where beautiful scenery can be experienced in a very different way.

2. Xingtsing Tang Vegetarian Restaurant

The Wolong Mountains are also known as the tai chi forests, as the area is home to a few amazing museums that teaches Chinese martial arts on-site. One of these is Xingtsing Tang, an eatery with an impressive rotunda, which introduces visitors to many vegetarian dishes such as their famous bamboo pig and that is 100 percent meatless.

3. Chaoyang Park Rainforest

The BTO has undertaken a number of projects and has taken pride in providing residents of the city with green facilities, which are now appreciated by visitors. Chaoyang Park Rainforest is one of those destinations and allows people to explore over 135 million trees located within the park.

4. Beijing 2020 Summer Olympic Sailing

Beijing 2020 will be the first time China hosts the Olympic Games. The aim of this summer event is to showcase this major city to the world. With sailing featuring prominently on the program, it is expected to be a very popular event. Visitors should also go and explore the iconic Beijing Opera House, which is not to be missed.

5. Disguise Propaganda Museum

Have you ever wondered about the national ideology of a particular country? This interactive museum is packed with pieces that tell stories about how propaganda was built up across different areas.

6. National Museum of China

When visitors make their way into the National Museum, they will be greeted by exquisite old pictures from the past, as well as the most recent artefacts and items, which give a view of China’s history, including the odd animal or piece of military hardware. The building is also home to a world-class collection of ancient Chinese artwork, including the only known collection of Ghengis Khan’s drinking vessels.

7. Beijer Bird’s Nest Stadium

Beijing is famous for its views and construction, but the Bird’s Nest stadium is the latest building of the city, and offers views of a stunning view of the city from a roof top. The stadium is not only a place for football, but is also used for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.

Discover China, the official online destination for China’s tourism industry, has published a useful list of attractions in Beijing for tourists to enjoy, including more than 2,500 restaurants, 500 places to sleep, and 115 hotels.

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